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Poster is a printed paper of rather large size that could be affixed on a wall or other preferably surface. Poster may have both textual and graphical content together as well as they may have separate textual or graphical content. Poster print are nowadays an important method of advertising and publicity. Posters carry the information about any event, election, programs, movies and products.

Posters have been used as a means of visual communication and advertisement. They help in creating branding awareness, inspiring people and mobilizing support or loyalty for a cause. Apart from their functional aspect, posters have gained popularity as a unique and inexpensive form of creative expression, often with immense aesthetic appeal. It is precisely because of this that posters have become prized possessions and collectibles. Posters are also inexpensive decorative items, especially for the young.

BOOK PRINTING SERVICES MALAYSIA poster printing services includes bulk orders and a wide range of standard or custom sizes including large format and a selection of matte or gloss finishing poster. We offer FREE delivery within Peninsular Malaysia.

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