Corrugated Carton Box Printing Services

Corrugated Carton Box Printing Services Malaysia

Corrugated box are a kind of packing material are easily available in the market at very affordable price.  These packing box are highly recognize among the buyers for its sturdy structure and long shelf life.  The best thing about using these durable carton box is that even when they are completely loaded with a lot of stuff, they do not get any kind of stain like in case of other different sort of box available in the market.  Because of these exclusive features, these kinds of box have undoubtedly become the first choice of the customers as well as of most of the packers and movers companies located across the globe.  And the corrugated box are considered as the first choice when it comes to use for the transportation.

As apart from the fact that you can have the corrugated box customized to your preferred shapes and sizes, you can also add extra protective slit, fencing as well as cushion sleeves to make them carry fragile items conveniently.  Corrugated box are very special type of storage material.  They are considered are the most adaptable box for packaging that is utilized for diverse products.  They do not just act as a perfect product carrier but also come in very handy.  They preserve every of your stray items conveniently in lockers and storage rooms without allowing any damages to occur to the products.

BOOK PRINTING SERVICES MALAYSIA has huge selection of box sizes available in many different box styles. Choose from our selection of regular slotted cartons, die-cuts or one-piece folder and have them printed as you wish or laminated and UV coated. We design boxes that fit your needs and reflect your company’s image by providing customized designs that protect and promote your product.  Please contact us for more about your corrugated box requirements.

Corrugated Boxes Printing Size Available

  • 138 cm x 62 cm x 142 cm
  • 155 cm x 100 cm x 105 cm
  • 115 cm x 78 cm x 133 cm
  • 114 cm x 114 cm x 210 cm
  • 154 cm x 106 cm x 72 cm
  • 166 cm x 148 cm x 112 cm
  • 163 cm x 123 cm x 176 cm
  • 126 cm x 118 cm x 200 cm
  • 150 cm x 80 cm x 200 cm
  • 228 cm x 162 cm x 105 cm
  • 272 cm x 138 cm x 120 cm
  • 205 cm x 145 cm x 96 cm
  • 333 cm x 141 cm x 83 cm
  • 295 cm x 179 cm x 95 cm
  • 295 cm x 160 cm x 90 cm
  • 270 cm x 120 cm x 151 cm
  • 316 cm x 165 cm x 110 cm
  • 297 cm x 210 cm x 95 cm
  • 200 cm x 95 cm x 122 cm
  • 227 cm x 107 cm x 123 cm
  • 182 cm x 120 cm x 50 cm
  • 246 cm x 110 cm x 90 cm
  • 200 cm x 90 cm x 98 cm
  • 246 cm x 121 cm x 93 cm
  • Custom Size Printing With Min Requirement.
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